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Comprehensive Legal Services After A Wrongful Death


When someone you love has suffered a wrongful death, it seems as if things will never be the same. You are plagued by countless questions and can’t even grieve because you are consumed with wanting to know who caused this untimely death. You just don’t know what to do next.

While a loved one can never be brought back, legal action can help support your family in the years to come. It can also hold wrongdoers accountable for the harm they caused, possibly preventing future harm to others.

You need compassionate, yet aggressive advocates to fight for you and other survivors when a wrongful death occurs. Time is of the essence because evidence disappears, memories fade and fast action is necessary. We will get to work for you immediately.

VanNess & VanNess, P.A., will be with you through this difficult time. Providing sound legal advice, explaining each step along the way and assisting with the emotional and monetary needs of your family, our firm always has your best interests at heart. Our attorneys are particularly sensitive to those who suffer the tragic loss of the accidental death of a loved one.

Since wrongful death claims are complex and emotional for those involved, entrust VanNess & VanNess, P.A., to get the facts quickly, strategically build your case and handle the legal actions necessary — so you can tend to the needs of your family.

Compassionate Advocates For Victims In Our Community

Though no amount of money can ever replace your loved one, a strong message can be sent to the at-fault party, and that message could save lives. Full and fair compensation can also ease the financial burden felt by the survivors and may bring a sense of justice to the family seeking closure. Wrongful death lawsuits are brought against a broad range of individuals and businesses, including negligent drivers and manufacturers of defective automobiles and other products.

Claims can also be brought against caregivers and medical professionals who created dangerous or negligent conditions leading to an untimely death.

Moving beyond the tragic loss of a loved one is always difficult. For survivors, the grief can seem unbearable. The lives of the survivors and those around them are changed forever. Our firm understands this all too well. At VanNess & VanNess, P.A., we treat these grieving clients with extra care and compassion. They experience the most emotional and agonizing grief imaginable after such a loss and face the challenges of the resulting lawsuit.

You may not be ready to pursue a wrongful death claim immediately. If you place your confidence in us, our firm will step in as your advocate and counsel to take quick and appropriate action to preserve the evidence of the circumstances that caused the wrongful death, speak with witnesses and obtain accident reports, and so much more. Trust VanNess & VanNess, P.A., to pursue a wrongful death claim and handle the required probate administration for you, as we take effective and immediate action to obtain the compensation you and your family deserve.

Obtaining a monetary award is not our only goal. As your compassionate counsel and trusted advocates, we will be there for you throughout the emotional grieving process, providing an extraordinary level of comfort and compassion our firm has shown countless survivors over our 27 years of wrongful death litigation.

The caring attorneys at VanNess & VanNess, P.A., are instrumental in achieving substantial recoveries for the survivors and families of victims of tragic, wrongful death. Showing compassion and concern for our clients and their families while pursuing monetary compensation for their damages, as we would for our own families, sets us apart in the crowded field of wrongful death attorneys.

Wrongful Death Estate Administration Services

Most families are still reeling from the loss of their loved one when they visit an attorney to see if they can file a claim against the party responsible for the death. They don’t realize that Florida law requires the appointment of a personal representative to act on behalf of the estate of the person who died in a wrongful death lawsuit. The personal representative may be the surviving spouse, child or children of the deceased. In some cases, grandparents or other relatives may also be allowed to bring a lawsuit.

When our firm is hired in a wrongful death case, we also provide legal services according to applicable Florida probate laws to obtain the appointment of a personal representative in the probate court so that we can file suit. The personal representative is sworn to act in the best interests of all survivors, to recover all damages for the survivors and the estate, and to handle the estate administration process when an individual passes away in Florida. When hiring our firm for a wrongful death claim, survivors will not need to obtain an attorney totally unfamiliar with their loved one’s case to provide the legal services of estate administration. Our team of lawyers can handle both the wrongful death claim and the estate administration in the appropriate county.

With our team of experienced, compassionate estate administration and probate attorneys, you will not need to locate separate counsel for estate administration or other legal matters related to the wrongful death of a loved one. At VanNess & VanNess, P.A., we provide a full range of estate administration services and can assist with survivorship claims and rights, as well as the apportionment of proceeds according to the laws of Florida, when necessary.

Contact Us Now – You Only Have Two Years In Which To File A Claim

If you don’t inquire into the probability of a claim with an attorney, you will always wonder if you could have filed a wrongful death claim through the legal system on behalf of the survivors. Over time, evidence will disappear and witnesses will become harder to find. The possibility of obtaining a monetary settlement for damages diminishes with time.

If you feel helpless and overwhelmed by unanswered questions and the insurance company is treating you like you’ve done something wrong or is refusing to do the right thing, call to discuss your case with our experienced and compassionate attorneys.

Contact our office as soon as you learn of the wrongful death of a loved one and definitely before the two-year statute of limitations passes. Call 352-436-4333 or toll free at 866-697-6221 today. You can also send us a confidential message online. With offices in Crystal River, we serve clients throughout Citrus County, central Florida and the entire state.