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Who Was Responsible For Your Car Accident?

When you are injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, you may have more options to recover damages than you think. A driver’s negligence likely caused the accident, but an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you identify additional responsible parties. As you know, operating a motor vehicle requires the driver’s full attention to the road and the exercise of good judgment at all times.

Was the driver who caused your accident intoxicated or otherwise impaired? Did you see the at-fault driver swerving or drifting in and out of his/her lane? Maybe he/she was driving without headlights – a telltale sign of a drunk or intoxicated driver. Was the person texting and driving? Often the person who caused an accident was distracted while talking on the phone, eating, applying makeup, adjusting the radio controls or talking with passengers. Careless and aggressive driving is the cause of numerous collisions every day.

It could even be as simple as an exhausted driver heading home from work with diminished reflexes from fatigue or, even worse, falling asleep at the wheel. Tired drivers are responsible for countless collisions, running red lights, wrong-way crossover median accidents and the all too deadly “wrong way on the highway” collisions. When two cars are on a head-on path of destruction, there is usually no time to avoid the accident — and the injuries are almost always serious or catastrophic. If we can prove that the underlying conditions contributing to your accident qualify, you may be able to take more extensive legal action and even seek punitive damages in certain circumstances.

We see these types of dangerous conditions every day as we drive to work, school, church and shopping. Your children are at risk as they ride the school bus during the busiest times of day. We cannot expect to be insulated from impaired drivers, unsafe driving situations and automotive product liability as we go about our daily lives. You can expect the utmost satisfaction with our legal services and will appreciate our compassion for our clients and benefit from the excellent representation provided by the team of attorneys at VanNess & VanNess, P.A.

Auto Product Liability And Third-Party Liability Claims

We will discover whether dangerous road conditions contributed to the accident and determine if a third party or company may be responsible for the injuries that you or a loved one suffered. It could be that an automotive design defect caused the accident — and with the right attorneys and representation, you could recover compensation from the auto dealer, the manufacturer or both. Tires blow out, brakes fail, and vehicle engines and transmissions experience unexpected failures on our roads every day. Your accident may be the result of auto product liability.

VanNess & VanNess, P.A., has the resources to engage professional experts to reconstruct accidents, to professionally assess engineering issues involved, and to investigate design and manufacturing defects. When errors in design and manufacturing are discovered after a product enters the market and the designers and manufacturers are aware of the defects, but fail to warn consumers, our attorneys will discover the responsible companies and work diligently to obtain unmistakable proof that will hold up in court. This diligence helps VanNess & VanNess, P.A., attain the highest compensation available for our clients and their families injured in accidents caused by those defects.

We Will Help Hold All Responsible Parties Accountable

Our attorneys work diligently for victims of auto accidents in central Florida every day. Our experience and effectiveness give us the skills to build your case for maximum compensation. To speak with one of our qualified serious personal injury lawyers about who was responsible for your car accident, call our Crystal River office today at 866-697-6221 or 352-436-4333, or send us a confidential message through our online form.