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What is a letter of instruction and do I need one?

Creating an estate plan can include documents that address your end of life plans as well as what you want your loved ones to receive after you pass away. Some estate plans are incredibly simple, while others can be very complex.

No matter what your situation, some documents can be consistent no matter what your plans include. While it is not necessary, a letter of instruction can help your loved ones understand your intentions after you pass away.

Should my retirement account go into a living trust?


Retirement planning often overlaps with estate planning. Your age, how much money you have in your retirement account and they type of retirement you have can all play a part in the amount you will leave to your loved ones when you pass away.

Are there specific rules for motorcyclists under 21?

Like others, Florida teenagers tend to countdown to turning 16. The day they can go out on the open road without having to ask for a ride is a real turning point toward adulthood.

With warm weather almost year-round, Florida is an exciting place for 16-year-olds to get a motorcycle license. Not only are motorcycles more fuel-efficient, but they also can add to the thrill of going out for a drive.

Remember, even cute animals can be dangerous

It can be hard to resist a cute dog that walks up to you looking for attention. For many, a wagging tail and a wet nose is a sign of acceptance from a loyal and furry heart.

While some of them may be friendly, it’s important to realize that any animal—even adorable ones—can be dangerous under the wrong circumstances.

What obstacles make probate take longer?

The probate process can feel overwhelming to some people, and is not always met with open arms because of the patience needed to complete the process. The personal representative and heirs may become frustrated if certain issues extend the time necessary to conclude the administration of a loved one’s estate.

Is your loved one vulnerable to undue influence?

Watching our loved ones age can be difficult. They can gradually go from being completely independent and caring for others to needing support themselves. Once they do need assistance, it can be challenging to comprehend how much help they actually require.

Unfortunately, not everyone willing to help has the right motives. There may be someone in your loved one’s life who sees that vulnerability as an opportunity to manipulate their intentions for the future and even their existing estate planning.

Supporting a loved one with a TBI

Traumatic brain injuries are challenging for both the injured person and their loved ones. Unlike other injuries, a TBI can change how someone thinks and interacts with the world.

While a number of people may regain some skills and abilities after a TBI, many are not able to fully recover.

The dangers of nominating estate co-personal representatives


Nominating a personal representative to handle your estate when you pass away is vital. He or she will be tasked with making sure your plans are carried out the way you intend and concluding any unfinished business, like taxes and debts.

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