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Heirs & Beneficiaries

Talking to your future heirs

When it comes time to talk about what you will leave behind, everyone takes a different approach and for their own reasons. You may want to leave your estate plan a surprise, or you may want to have regular family meetings on the subject.You may fear that if you have...

Implications of inherited stocks

Florida does not tax income. That doesn't mean the state doesn't seek to collect revenues when and where it can. Among the chances it looks for are occasions when a loved one dies and has bequeathed a transfer of assets.Typically, if the material in question is in the...

Understanding how a trust works

When a Florida resident creates a trust, there are three parties that are central to the document. The first party is the person who creates the trust who is referred to as the grantor. This person names a trustee to carry out provisions of the trust, and in some...


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