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Creating A Will In Florida

The Florida laws that govern the creation of a will are complex and best understood with the guidance of an experienced attorney. These complexities begin with the requirements for a valid will under Florida law and continue through the administration of the will after a person’s death. Disputes may also arise concerning the content and validity of a will that result in litigation. At VanNess & VanNess, P.A., we work diligently to prepare comprehensive wills with the utmost attention to detail so our clients have peace of mind about even the most complex estate planning matters.

Many people from across the country come to Florida to enjoy their retirement years. An important part of that move to Florida is creating a will and related estate planning documents that comply with Florida law.

Our attorneys always meet with our clients to gather specific information and facts about each client and to listen to their wishes about distribution of their property. After a complete review of your particular facts, including assets and liabilities, along with learning your wishes about distribution, our lawyers will advise which documents are vital to carrying out those wishes. We also prepare powers of attorney, health care surrogate documents, living wills and trusts to complete your estate planning needs.

Requirements For A Valid Will In Florida

Florida law requires that the testator — the writer of a will — be at least 18 years old and of sound mind when signing a will. The law also requires that the will be witnessed by two disinterested people who must sign the will in the presence of the testator — and each other. Since state laws vary regarding the requirements for making a valid will, new Florida residents should have their existing wills and other estate planning documents reviewed and updated (if needed) by our knowledgeable attorneys to ensure that these documents are valid in Florida.

At VanNess & VanNess, P.A., we meet with clients every day to discuss the creation of personalized documents that are based on the individual needs and desires of each client. Our firm provides invaluable legal services beginning with your comprehensive initial consultation through to the signing of your will and other valuable estate planning documents. Our office can safely store original estate planning documents for clients requesting this service.

Both the accuracy of document preparation and the validity of document execution are critical to sound estate planning. A mistake in a will could result in the will being invalidated during probate. This could cause heartache, unnecessary disputes between your loved ones and family members getting left behind. Without the careful construction of estate planning documents, issues that you intended to settle in advance of your death could lead to protracted disputes. With significant experience drafting wills and related estate planning documents, our qualified attorneys will draft your will and other necessary estate planning documents to avoid these types of problems. Trust our attorneys with your comprehensive estate planning to ensure that your documents are professionally crafted to your individual circumstances and are signed according to the requirements of the laws of Florida so that the probate process will be a smooth one for your loved ones.

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