Between 2009 and 2010 Toyota recalled nearly 8 million vehicles in the United States over problems related to "gas pedals that would stick" and "floor mats that could interfere with the gas pedal". Drivers insisted that they were unable to stop when these vehicles accelerated suddenly and maintained dangerously high rates of speed, causing serious injury or death. Despite the automobile industry's desperate attempts to hide this problem, the public soon came to know that these issues were caused by sudden acceleration due to a malfunction in the vehicle's electronic throttle control system. Other manufacturers, such as BMW, Audi, VW and Mercedes-Benz installed brake override systems to address this problem several years ago.

Lawsuits Hold Manufacturers Accountable

Toyota recently settled its class action lawsuit for $1.1 billion and is currently privately settling personal injury or wrongful death claims with plaintiffs individually around the country. On March 28, 2013, a multistate lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Virginia on behalf of 14 Ford owners against Ford for "design defects" in the electronic control of the gas pedals. This "design defect" made certain 2002 to 2010 Ford models susceptible to sudden unintended acceleration, similar to the problems with the Toyota vehicles. Ford's failure to install a brake override leaves Ford owners unprotected and susceptible to serious injury, or worse, if the cars suddenly accelerate out of control.

Despite what the auto industry wants the public to believe, the electronic throttle control problems and unintended acceleration are not isolated to Toyota and Ford. Cases have already been filed and groups are being formed that may be appropriate for multidistrict litigation against General Motors (and other auto manufacturers) for sudden unintended acceleration involving electronic throttle controls.

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