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A closer look at the NHTSA's recall process

While most people understand that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plays a role in identifying auto defects and instituting recalls to help ensure these auto defects are adequately addressed, they may not have a real understanding of where the agency's recall power is derived from or even how the recall process actually works.    

Understanding more about how the probate process works - IV

In a series of ongoing posts, our blog has been providing some basic background information on what people can expect from the probate process in Florida. The goal in doing so is twofold: to help alleviate some of the anxiety that people might be experiencing at the thought of having to enter a courtroom and to clarify any misunderstandings.

Will Congress increase the federal vehicle weight limit for trucks?

If you've done any sort of highway driving over the last few years, whether here in Florida or across the nation, chances are good that you've noticed an uptick in the number of large trucks barreling by you.

Explore all options when it comes to trust modification

While the execution of a comprehensive estate plan can sometimes prove to be an arduous task, any inconvenience or fatigue experienced are more than made up for by the peace of mind ultimately granted to those who choose to undertake this endeavor.

Are truly self-driving vehicles coming to Florida?

The last few years have seen remarkable achievements in the area of autonomous -- or self-driving -- automobiles. Indeed, Google's fleet of self-driving cars continue to safely roam the streets of California, while Daimler AG recently rolled out the first-of-its-kind self-driving big rig licensed for use on public roads.

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