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Legal battle over Robin Williams’ estate continues

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2015 | Probate

Over the course of the last year, the sizeable estate of the late Robin Williams has been at the epicenter of an increasingly hostile legal battle between his third wife and his three children from previous marriages.

While the two sides have attempted to work things out via private negotiations, it appears as if little progress has been made. Indeed, a hearing was held in San Francisco Superior Court just last week with both sides once more agreeing to try to reach mutually acceptable solutions over the Oscar winning comedian’s remaining assets and return to court, if necessary, to request further instruction.

The latest trip to court appears to stem from the wife’s demand that she be permitted to continue living at William’s home in Tiburon, California and allocated the necessary funds to cover the upkeep of the property.

For their part, Williams’ children argued in court documents that the wife is simply looking to acquire a larger guaranteed income at the expense of the trust established in their name.

In addition to attempting to find a solution to this issue, the two sides will also attempt to resolve outstanding disputes over the division of the departed actor’s furniture, art, memorabilia and valuable collections, including a bicycle collection worth potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the event the two sides are unable to resolve their estate dispute, the presiding judge could either grant the request by the wife for an evidentiary hearing to air Williams’ estate planning objectives or dismiss the case with instructions to re-file it to address more specific issues.

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