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When to consider trusts for an estate plan

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Trust Administration

Trusts are a powerful tool for estate planning in Florida that can help you achieve your goals for passing on your assets to your loved ones.

Here are some situations when you may want to consider a trust as part of your estate plan.

You have minor children

If you have minor children, a trust can be a useful way to ensure that they are provided for in the event of your death. You can name a trustee to manage the assets in the trust on behalf of your children until they reach a certain age, at which point they can receive the assets outright. This can be especially important if you are concerned that your children may not be responsible enough to manage a large inheritance on their own.

You want to minimize estate taxes

Another benefit of using a trust in your estate plan is that it can help you minimize estate taxes. When you transfer assets to a trust, you may be able to take advantage of certain tax benefits, such as the ability to exclude the value of the assets from your taxable estate. This can help you reduce the amount of estate taxes that your loved ones may have to pay after your death.

You have a blended family

If you have a blended family with children from a previous relationship, a trust can be a useful way to ensure that everyone is provided for after your death. You can use a trust to divide your assets among your children and stepchildren in a way that is fair and equitable, while also ensuring that your current spouse is provided for.

There are many situations when a trust can be a useful tool for estate planning in Florida. To learn more about whether a trust is right for your situation, contact an experienced estate planning attorney.


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