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Top causes of deadly crashes

Car accidents can happen in many types of scenarios. Avoiding a collision is a complex equation of knowing the risks and how to handle them when they happen.

While you may not hear about them on the nightly news, thousands of Florida residents die in car crashes every year.

Here’s what you should know about some of the top causes of fatal car accidents in Florida.

Distracted driving is still an issue

In recent years, many people have made significant efforts to leave their phones alone while driving. However, cell phones are not the only distractions in a vehicle.

Putting your cell phone away while you drive is an excellent first step, but keep in mind there are other distractions in your vehicle, such as:

  • Passengers, especially children
  • Other drivers
  • Events outside the vehicle
  • Weather
  • Radio and other media

Distracted driving is still one of the top causes of car accident fatalities, so it is essential to keep your focus on the road.


Initially, the COVID-19 pandemic meant fewer people on the roads. During that time, many took the open roads as an invitation to drive faster.

Two years later, many Florida residents are still driving fast and often with fatal consequences. Increased speed can take a minor accident and turn it into a fatality. When you reduce your speed, you have more time to react to a situation on the road.

While there will always be accidents on the road, knowing their causes can help you be a safer driver. Simple actions like focusing on the road and slowing down can help you arrive at your destination safely.


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