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How to handle a rideshare accident

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Car Accidents

It is never comfortable to deal with a car accident. Still, when you are driving, you are likely more familiar with what you should do.

As Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing services become more popular, so does the possibility that your next car accident could be with a stranger in the driver’s seat.

Here’s what you should know about handling an accident when using a rideshare service.

Rules for drivers

Ridesharing made it possible for anyone with a car and a smartphone to have a lucrative side-hustle. It is essential to keep in mind that rideshare drivers do not have professional credentials. They do have specific rules in place to protect you and them in case of an accident, such as having a certain amount of accident insurance.

After an accident

In many ways, you will need to treat the scene of a rideshare accident similarly to any other car accident by taking actions such as:

  • Calling 911 (including police and emergency medical services)
  • Taking pictures of the accident and any damage
  • Avoiding commenting on fault
  • Seeking medical care within two weeks (at the scene, with your personal provider or both)

Keep in mind, emotions tend to run high after an accident. Your driver (or others at the scene) may know what to do, but could be unable to remember the correct actions to take.


No one expects you to act immediately after an accident, especially if you have serious injuries. However, Florida does have guidelines for filing and making a claim against a rideshare company, including:

  • You must file a police report within ten days of the accident
  • Rideshare passengers should notify the rideshare company as soon as possible
  • You have four years to make a claim against a rideshare company

While these guidelines do not guarantee a particular result, following them can help you move your claim forward.


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