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Has your child’s safety seat been recalled?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

As a parent, getting your child from one place to another might seem like the primary reason you drive. As childcare turns into school and activities, it seems there are no shortages of times when your children are in the car.

As more people return to work and school from the height of the pandemic, there is more potential for an accident. When it is time to buckle everyone in, you must have a car seat you can depend on. If the manufacturer of your car seat issues a recall, it is essential to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Here’s how you can keep your children safe by checking your car seat for problems.

Make time for safety checks

Life with children can be busy. When you are trying to get to your next activity, it can be a relief to leave your car seat in the car.

However, just because the seat remains in the car does not mean the way it fits your child will remain the same. Each time you buckle your child into the seat and every time your child rides in their seat, the important safety connections can loosen.

Before you leave on your next car ride, take a moment to look over the connections to make sure your child’s car seat is level and secure. When a car seat shifts, it can limit the intended ability to keep your child safe.

Check for recent recalls

Car seat manufacturers put seats through rigorous tests before they send them out to the marketplace. Unfortunately, it is possible that a generation of car seats will pass all the tests during production, but will show flaws after release to the public.

When you purchase a new car seat, it is essential to register the seat with the manufacturer to learn about recalls as they happen. If you have an unregistered seat, you should periodically check to see if your child’s car seat has been recalled.


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