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Deadly intersections

Driving can quickly go from safe transportation to a deadly collision in seconds. Anything from the number of vehicles involved to the weather at the time can drastically alter the consequences of an accident.

Intersections tend to be dangerous places on the road. Vehicles are going in different directions, drivers are not always clear about when or where to go, and some motorists are distracted as they approach.

Here’s what you should know about dangerous intersections in Florida.

Intersections still problematic in Citrus County

Some areas of Florida have high numbers of crash fatalities each year. Citrus County has a fair number of car accidents but fewer fatalities than many other areas in Florida.

However, when it comes to accidents at intersections, a 2019 study showed the rate of crashes is in the upper third compared to all U.S. counties.

Danger under construction

Construction projects add challenges to any intersection. In addition to making changes to a familiar roadway, construction can also confuse drivers unsure of where to turn.

Watch for confused or disoriented drivers as you approach these intersections. If you can, give uncertain drivers more time and space to determine the necessary changes in their course of travel.

Being safe at intersections

Intersections tend to be dangerous because there are more factors for a driver to pay attention to compared to simple driving in a straight away. In some cases, accidents happen because drivers act unpredictably while trying to be nice, or if they are hesitant to enter a busy intersection.

It is essential to stay alert and avoid distractions, especially when you approach an intersection. When you are prepared to handle an unpredictable situation, you have a better chance of avoiding a collision.


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