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What kind of car accident is most fatal?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Car Accidents

Car accidents are inevitable. Whether a person is driving, a commuter, or a passenger in a vehicle, there will always be errors that could lead to a collision.

It can feel like a game of chance as to whether someone suffers mild, severe or fatal injuries after a crash. However, some crashes tend to leave fewer survivors than others.

Here’s what you should know about which crashes are considered the most dangerous.

Speed is an essential factor

As the speed of a vehicle involved in a crash increases, so does the potential severity of injuries, regardless of the location of the impact.

When you take precautions to drive carefully it is essential to keep your speed in mind. Often, the temptation is to drive faster to arrive at a destination sooner. However, the time saved by driving this way is typically minimal, and the risk of experiencing a crash can increase dramatically.

Most dangerous impact

Cars have an abundance of safety features to help keep you safe when involved in a crash. While designers can plan for many types of collisions, the ones that tend to be the deadliest are the ones that are difficult to protect against.

A recent study found that crashes that occur with a vehicle at an odd angle tend to produce the most severe consequences. Often, an angled maneuver may happen as you try to avoid a collision. If there is still a collision even after attempting to avoid one, you may not experience the benefits of your car’s safety features such as you would from a head-on collision or being hit from behind.

Watching the road intently and managing your speed are the most important things you can do to keep yourself and your passengers safe and to avoid a car accident.


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