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Are drivers too dependent on tech for safety?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

It is easy to get excited about innovation. When innovation suggests we could be safer, it is even more enticing.

Since the additions of the earliest safety features like windshield wipers and headrests, auto manufacturers have continued adding more exciting safety features. Now, we have vehicles with backup cameras and cars that can park themselves. As drivers, however, some of the same features that keep us safe can also lead to negligence.

This is what you should know about vehicle safety features and how you can remain a safe and vigilant driver.

The danger of autonomous features

Drivers often take features that tout titles that include words like “automated” or “automatic” as a replacement for their own judgment. In some cases, a vehicle with a feature such as “automated lane keeping,” can give motorists the wrong impression that there is less for them to do behind the wheel.

In reality, as with any safety feature, these are meant to be supplements to safe driving. Your vehicle might be able to sense that there are other cars around. Still, even self-driving cars have a hard time understanding the totality of circumstances on the road.

Do not neglect your role

Your role as a driver is still a very important one. Your passengers and other drivers on the road count on you to remain alert and make adjustments while driving, often at a moment’s notice.

It is essential to realize that the automated features in your vehicle cannot replace your understanding of dangerous situations and your ability to respond to them.


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