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How to tell your age is getting in the way of your driving

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Car Accidents

The aging process is not always graceful no matter how healthy or fit you are. Sometimes your age can sneak up on you quickly. Your age can have a significant impact on your ability to drive safely. However, it can be challenging to know when to draw the line and set safe limits for yourself.

These are some things to look for as you evaluate your driving abilities.

Increase in fender benders

Minor accidents happen to almost everyone. Whether it is underestimating a parking space or taking a corner too fast, an occasional bump along the way is not out of the ordinary.

However, you should take notice if there is an increase in these small incidents. It should be even more worrisome if there are dents or scratches on your vehicle and you do not remember when or where they happened.

You should also be on the look-out for close calls while driving. As you get older, these near-accidents could turn into serious problems.

Difficulty concentrating

There are many distractions on the road. Part of being a safe driver is managing the distractions so you can respond appropriately to what is happening on the road as it happens.

Think about the last few times you drove your vehicle and evaluate your ability to focus on the road. If you start noticing significant decreases in your ability to concentrate, it may be time to hang up your keys.

Have a plan

There will be a time when you need to give up your ability to drive. You can make that process simpler by talking to your friends and family in advance.

It can be a lot more difficult to stop driving if you feel like you will be trapped in your home. As you get older, come up with a plan to maintain your independence while still staying safe. If you do not have loved ones who can help you get where you need to go, a ridesharing service may help.


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