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Are seat belts still important?

For many, buckling a seatbelt became a habit either from childhood or in the early 90s when the infamous “click it or ticket” commercials began to air on national TV. While federal seatbelt law came into effect in 1968, buckling up did not become a habit until later.

Now, vehicles are continually coming out with new and exciting safety features that promise to save lives and reduce injuries. As cars become safer, it raises the question of whether seatbelts are still a relevant feature.

Before you neglect your seatbelt, this is what you should consider about vehicle safety and the features in your car.

Basic but essential

Before the invention of the seatbelt, there was the terrifying possibility that a crash could cause people in the car to be propelled out of the vehicle. As cars got faster, the threat only increased.

The seatbelt provided a harness that could keep the driver and their passengers in the vehicle. While the crash could still impact the people in the car, the seatbelt limited the types of injuries.

Part of a safety team

Although the seatbelt has been around for a long time, it has not lost its merit. The other safety features may not depend on the seatbelt to operate, but they do work together.

Airbags, for example, are not a replacement but a supplement. The seatbelt keeps you and your passengers in a vehicle, while the airbags protect you from injuries caused by the impact of the crash.

Car accidents can cause significant damage that can impact you for a lifetime. It is important to take safety precautions when riding in a vehicle and seek medical attention as soon as possible if you are involved in a crash.


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