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What are the primary causes of motorcycle crashes?

Now that spring is well on its way, you may be ready to get your motorcycle out again. The warmer weather can make just about anyone feel like enjoying an exciting highway adventure.

Before going out on the open road, it is crucial to consider the risks that come with riding a motorcycle so you can avoid a serious, or even life-threatening injury.

These are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Driver error

The more experience you have riding a motorcycle, the less likely you are to make a critical error on the open road. Unfortunately, some motorcycle accidents are caused by driver errors, such as over-braking, or taking a turn too fast for conditions. 

As much as possible, take the time to drive your motorcycle in controlled conditions so you can practice those very important accident-avoidance skills. Find a large parking lot or familiar area where you can practice all the skills you learned when you first got your motorcycle license. Also, make sure you know all the features and safety functions on your bike.

Where our paths meet

Another dangerous area for motorcyclists is at an intersection. Other drivers at the intersection may not see you, could be unclear about where you are driving next, or they just may not be paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, texting and driving is still rampant on our roads even though it is against the law.

When you approach an intersection, take a moment to assess other drivers and look for signs that they have seen you. Do not go into the intersection until you know it is safe.

Changing lanes

Multi-lane roads can be fun places to ride your bike since they create opportunities to drive faster than in a neighborhood. Unfortunately, higher speeds can mean more dangerous collisions.

These multi-lane roads also add the risk of changing lanes. Remember that it may be difficult for another driver to see you on your motorcycle if you are traveling in or near their blind spot.

As you drive, pay close attention to the areas around other vehicles, especially large ones. Move safely out of the blind spots of other vehicles as quickly as possible.


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