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Maintaining safe distances around large trucks

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Car Accidents

Driving is an essential part of everyday life. Even if you don’t drive often, or at all, you probably rely on those who do.

We all depend on large trucks to deliver the products we use every day. Unfortunately, semis and other large vehicles can cause extensive damage and serious, even fatal injuries when involved in an accident.

Here’s how you can make the roads safer by keeping a safe distance away from large vehicles.

Mirror, mirror

When you drive past a semi or other large vehicle, you may notice it has over-sized mirrors. These large mirrors give the impression that trucks have a wide field of visibility.

Unfortunately, over-sized mirrors are not enough to compensate for the significant blind spots created when towing a trailer. Keep in mind that when you are behind or beside a semi, it is very probable that the driver cannot see your car. When maneuvering around a larger vehicle, drive past it as quickly and safely as possible so the driver of the larger vehicle or truck can see you.

Not too close

Tailgating is always dangerous and becomes even more hazardous when involving a semi. If the vehicle in front of the semi stops quickly, or the driver of the semi encounters a road hazard, the only warning you will have is the semi screeching to a halt in front of you – leaving very little time for you to stop.

Most truck drivers are aware that hauling a trailer, even an empty one, substantially increases their stopping-time. If you notice a truck following you closely, try to create more distance between you or change lanes if you can. A truck that is following too closely behind you will not be able to stop in time if you have to apply your brakes unexpectedly. All too often this scenario causes catastrophic collisions.

It is essential to pay attention to all vehicles around you, and especially the larger vehicles and semis. If you maintain safe distances and are aware of the limitations of other vehicles on the road, you can avoid being the victim of a serious, or even life-changing accident.


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