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3 safety features that could put drivers in danger

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Car Accidents

Motor vehicles are safer today than ever before. They have stronger frames, crash avoidance technology, and materials engineered to keep passengers safer even in a collision. That said, these advancements are not perfect. They cannot prevent every crash, and in some cases, they can actually cause or contribute to an accident.

Infotainment systems

New cars often come with high-tech infotainment systems easily accessible by drivers. These systems have the ability to provide navigation instructions, display messages, and allow motorists to listen to virtually any music or podcast of their choosing.

While these systems are supposed to make driving easier, they prove to be very distracting to a driver. Instead of paying attention to the road and other drivers, people are known to spend long periods of time focusing these infotainment screens. This causes the driver’s attention, vision, and reflexes to be focused elsewhere. These systems tend to provide too much information, and often suggest options that request a response from the driver. All of these issues are very distracting.

Interlock devices

Ignition interlock devices are designed to prevent a driver from operating a car while intoxicated. They are often required in the vehicles of those with drunk driving convictions.

Unfortunately, as this New York Times article describes, these devices may actually cause accidents. Interlock devices sometimes require rolling retests that drivers must take while actively driving. If a driver drops the device, panics while taking the test, or the rolling test distracts the driver in some other way, this poses a serious threat to others on the road.

Air bags

Air bags can make the difference between a serious – but survivable – crash, and a fatal car accident. When properly installed and designed air bags are vital to motorist safety.

As you know, there have been countless numbers of recalls stemming from defective air bags in recent years that have affected several millions of vehicles. Sadly, the people in the cars and trucks that still have these defective air bags are at risk of severe injuries – or even death – in the event of an accident.

Despite major improvements in motor vehicle safety, there remains a very real risk of serious injury or death in a vehicle crash. Sometimes these risks stem from the very products designed to keep us safe.

Importantly, drivers should not depend solely on their vehicles to prevent accidents or injuries. Each and every driver should obey traffic laws, make safe choices, and act responsibly whenever they get behind the wheel. Those who do not can be held accountable for the damages that result from their negligence or recklessness.


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