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Remember, even cute animals can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

It can be hard to resist a cute dog that walks up to you looking for attention. For many, a wagging tail and a wet nose is a sign of acceptance from a loyal and furry heart.

While some of them may be friendly, it’s important to realize that any animal—even adorable ones—can be dangerous under the wrong circumstances.

Here are a couple of tips for staying safe around dogs.

Tip 1: Every dog is different

You will likely notice that neighbors who own dogs tend to treat each differently. While some may take their dogs out on a leash at all times, others may simply leave their dog in their yard, either with a fence or no fence at all.

Unfortunately, sometimes, dogs get out and start to wander the neighborhood. Often, they will make their way home, but sometimes they get into trouble along the way, including biting, jumping or hurting others in the community.

Tip 2: Teach children to always ask

Walking the dog on the weekend while taking your children to the park is a great way to get fresh air and exercise for everyone.

Along the way, you are bound to meet a person or family doing the same. They may have a cute dog that may entice your child to run up to meet and pet the furry new friend.

It’s important, however, to remind children to be careful, even when the dog seems very nice.

Even if the dogs seems harmless, perhaps the owner knows it has dangerous propensities and should be avoided by strangers. Perhaps the dog is known to show aggressiveness in certain instances or certain people. Perhaps the dog is overtired or not feeling well and may not be in the mood for petting.

If your child sees a furry friend, tell your child to ask the owner first if he or she can pet the animal. Such precautions can help avoid any unnecessary dog bites, jumps or other injuries to children—and trips to the emergency room.


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