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Are there specific rules for motorcyclists under 21?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Car Accidents

Like others, Florida teenagers tend to countdown to turning 16. The day they can go out on the open road without having to ask for a ride is a real turning point toward adulthood.

With warm weather almost year-round, Florida is an exciting place for 16-year-olds to get a motorcycle license. Not only are motorcycles more fuel-efficient, but they also can add to the thrill of going out for a drive.

There are some unique rules for motorcyclists under the age of 21. These are the special rules that apply to younger motorcyclists.

Worth the helmet hair

There is no shortage of startling images of motorcycle rides gone wrong. Motorcycles can be difficult for other drivers to see and can lose traction in a moment.

When it comes to accidents, wearing a helmet is essential to survival. While there are exceptions for older motorcycle drivers to go without a helmet, for riders under the age of 21, it is not an option. All motorcyclists, however, should wear a helmet in addition to other safety gear.

You’ve been spotted

There are a few tell-tale signs that tend to separate teen drivers from their older counterparts. Teenagers tend to take longer at traffic signals and may drift from their lane if they are focused on something else on the road.

When it comes to motorcyclists, it is much simpler to spot younger drivers. Motorcyclists under 21 must have a unique plate tag on their bike. Typically, the plate is white with large red letters that read “under 21.” The special plates for younger motorcycle drivers help police and other officials spot people who are not following the helmet laws.


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