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Avoiding car accidents with summer road trip safety

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Car Accidents

Avoiding car accidents with summer road trip safety. We all know that one of the great things about summer is the opportunity to explore the country. Unlike vacations at other times of the year, the kids are out of school and there is no rush to get home so they don’t miss class time.

With extra time on the road and many like-minded travelers speeding by, you are at a greater risk for a car accident. It’s important to stay safe as you take to the open road on exciting adventures.

Here are some tips for staying safe while you navigate the highways and byways.

Take breaks

People who drive for a living know how important it is to be alert behind the wheel. In addition, career drivers follow laws and logbooks to remind them how often they should take breaks.

When you are tempted to drive “straight through,” use the same guidelines for breaks used at work. Take a 15-minute break every two hours, and avoid driving more than eight hours a day. If you are pressed for time, take someone along who can share the driving responsibilities with you.

One more maintenance check

You may drive your car every day to get to work, but driving many miles at one time can take more of a toll on your vehicle. There could also be car maintenance issues you haven’t noticed that could cause serious problems while you are far away from home.

Before you leave on your road trip, take your car in for routine maintenance, including:

  • Oil change
  • Rotate tires and check tire pressure
  • Check fluids
  • Test headlights and turn signals

Any time you are out on the road, and especially on long road trips traveling areas unfamiliar to you, there is a certain unpredictability as to what will happen next. You could still encounter car maintenance issues, or even be involved in a car accident. Many roadside assistance services can give you the extra assurance that if something unexpected happens, you will have help.

While we sincerely hope these things don’t happen to you, if you are involved in a car accident and you or your family suffer personal injuries through the fault of another, call VanNess & VanNess, P.A. to guide you through the process of being compensated for your injuries. 


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