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Lawsuits involving fatal motor vehicle accidents with semis

Lawsuits involving fatal motor vehicle accidents with semis require specialized legal knowledge, along with the ultimate in compassion for the victim’s family. A horrendous crash occurred recently near Gainesville, Florida involving five motor vehicles. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the crash left eight people injured and sadly seven others died from their injuries. Many of the victims were children on their way to Walt Disney World. Since the tragic accident, at least one wrongful death lawsuit was filed and additional lawsuits are likely to follow.

Two of the vehicles involved in the crash were semitractor-trailers. The mother of one of the young victims named the trucking companies and a driver (who also died in the crash) as defendants in the suit. It appears through Court records that the driver was ticketed multiple times across five states just since the year 2000.

The sheer size and weight of semis command our utmost attention when driving. Lawsuits involving accidents with semis, especially those causing fatalities, need to be investigated swiftly and aggressively. The driving records of those named in the lawsuit are obtained, along with the records concerning vehicle inspections, the trucking company’s safety records, compliance with trucking industry regulations, and other specific reports and records.

Driving history records often reveal occurrences of commonly known contributing factors in fatal motor vehicle accidents, as found below:

  • Speeding
  • Driving an overweight vehicle
  • Driving an improperly maintained vehicle
  • Failure to produce proof of insurance
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving with a suspended license

A news report about the filing of the wrongful death lawsuit just one week after the deadly crash suggested that it could be deemed disrespectful to the victims and their families to file suit so soon. Actually, effective wrongful death attorneys know that swift action is necessary to fully investigate crashes involving semis. A delay in filing a wrongful death suit of this type adversely affects access to and inspection of the vehicles involved. Waiting to take legal action also delays the recovery of driving records, reports of vehicle safety inspections, and the important documentation necessary to prove a wrongful death case. It seems as though there is no good time to file a lawsuit in such a painful scenario. Above all, attorneys believe that serving the interests of a victim’s family is of utmost importance.

Good attorneys handle the legal aspects involved in cases caused by fatal motor vehicle accidents, including all necessary investigations and litigation. The best attorneys also focus on the victim’s family throughout the difficult process of managing their grief, and learning to live without their loved one.

Moving forward with a wrongful death lawsuit is never easy. A swift legal response, however, is crucial to securing justice for the family of the victim and is a vital part of an attorney’s compassionate response to the aftermath of a fatal motor vehicle accident.

If you ever face this type of tragic situation, contact our experienced attorneys for comprehensive, compassionate legal representation. We will be there for you and your family to provide the experienced, resourceful, and effective legal services that your family deserves.


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