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Fatal motor vehicle accidents require vast legal experience

Most of us regularly spend part of each day driving, or riding in, a motor vehicle. We don’t begin our day thinking we could be the victim of a fatal motor vehicle accident. Dwelling on that could lead us to retreat from the world.

It is also unwise to go through life denying an accident could unexpectedly end your life, or that of a loved one. Attorneys and financial planners recommend solid estate planning to be prepared for an unexpected or untimely death. Vast legal experience is required to make the connections between estate planning, estate administration, and wrongful death.

While some types of legal practice are funneled into the practice of specific areas of the law, there are strong points of intersection between other specific areas. Estate planning, estate administration, and the pursuit of wrongful death or personal injury compensation represent examples of overlapping areas of law.  It is to the benefit of distraught families to engage one firm to effectively bridge the legal requirements of the probate and civil courts when a loved one suffers a fatal motor vehicle accident.

Wrongful death cases are complicated

We all understand the emotional effects of the sudden loss of a loved one. Amidst that deep grief, the demands of the legal system can derail the grieving process and prolong the sense of recovery. A well-crafted estate plan will help to avoid those issues.

If someone else’s negligence has caused an untimely death, seeking financial compensation from the responsible party may be one way to hold them accountable. Swift legal action is necessary due to statutes of limitation, and the loss of evidence and/or witnesses with the passing of time. There is untold value in hiring attorneys who are familiar with estate plans and who also have extensive experience seeking damages for wrongful death, and subsequent estate administration.

As an example, Florida law requires the estate of a wrongful death victim to name a personal representative before a suit for damages is filed. Naming a personal representative during your lifetime to administer your estate is part of the estate planning process. 

An attorney with the right experience will be well-positioned to facilitate probate administration, and the recovery of damages related to the wrongful death through the courts. Attorneys who handle estate planning, wrongful death, and estate administration make it much easier on the family who has lost a loved one in this way. 

If someone you love has suffered a fatal motor vehicle accident, or wrongful death by other means, and you have questions, you deserve answers. We at VanNess & VanNess, P.A. are fully-prepared and willing to help you through the challenges ahead.


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