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Study finds small group of drivers cause more accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Car Accidents

Overall, professional truck drivers are less likely to cause accidents than nonprofessional motorists. However, distracted driving, and the use of smartphones in particular, is an issue for professional drivers in Florida and around the country as well.

Out of all fatal truck/car collisions, passenger car drivers are responsible about three-fourths of the time. The crash rate for large trucks is 29 percent lower than for other vehicles, and between 1985 and 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that the number of fatal crashes involving large trucks dropped 32 percent.

One study found that a subset of around 25 percent of professional truck drivers engage in the most dangerous behaviors the most frequently. There is a significantly higher likelihood that these drivers will speed, roll past a stop sign or through a red light, or be involved in a near crash. Drivers whose distractions are things like paperwork and smoking are less dangerous than those distracted by mobile devices. Drivers using their phones are more likely to ignore stoplights and speed. Furthermore, a truck driver who has been in one or more crashes is 94 percent more likely to be distracted by a conversation on a hand-held cellphone and 85 percent more likely to be distracted by texting or dialing on a phone compared to those who have not been in accidents.

Whether a driver or a passenger is injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck or another car, the party who is at fault may be required to cover that person’s medical expenses and other costs associated with the accident. If the responsible person’s insurance company does not offer much compensation, it might be advisable to file a civil lawsuit with the help of an attorney.


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