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Organization is key in life and death

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Estate Planning

Florida residents and others may make it easier to settle an estate by being organized. This is true of both the physical estate and the legal or financial documents that are part of it. Instead of letting items accumulate over time, it may be a good idea to have a regular cleaning session. This may prevent children or other family members from having to inventory possessions while also trying to grieve.

In most cases, future generations aren’t interested in items that may hold sentimental value to an individual today. Furthermore, charities may be particular about what they take as some items can’t be sold or otherwise moved in a timely manner. Those who have 401(k) accounts or other financial documents with multiple institutions should consider consolidating them into one location. It could also be worthwhile to sell off minor investments to create a streamlined portfolio.

When an estate is organized, it takes less time to inventory items or figure out its actual value. The less time spent looking for items, the more money that may be available to transfer to future generations. It may also ensure that assets are not overlooked during the inventory process. Remember, an executor may not even look for a paper trail if he or she doesn’t know an asset exists.

The loss of a loved one is a difficult situation on its own. By keeping paperwork and physical items in order, it may be easier for family members to settle an estate and move past the loss in a timely manner. An attorney may be able to help an individual get his or her paperwork together or recommend other steps to keep physical assets organized. Adult children or others may also be able to help a person get and stay organized.


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