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Bigger cars offer passengers more protection

Florida motorists know that car crashes can happen at any time. But the chances of serious injury differ depending on a variety of circumstances, one of which is the size of the car. A vehicle's crashworthiness is determined by its size and weight in addition to its materials and structural integrity. Technological advances can aid drivers and have the potential to reduce the risk of, but bigger, heavier vehicles often simply hold up better and give more protection to occupants.

Estate executors and wine cellars

People living in Florida are often concerned about estate planning issues. In many cases, the primary concern is ensuring that investments are liquidated, cash assets are distributed and any personal effects go to the appropriate friends and family members. In some cases, however, someone may have a collection of valuable property that needs to be managed and distributed by an executor.

Communication with family and estate planning

Florida residents who are creating an estate plan might want to consider discussing it with family members. In fact, talking about finances can be an ongoing conversation. However, discussing money can be difficult for some people. One way to better frame the conversation might be to think about it as a conversation about values.

Naming successor trustees important

Floridians who are beginning to think about estate planning may want to try to avoid the probate process. One way for people to pass their assets on to successive generations is by establishing trusts while they are still alive. It is important to be careful when deciding who to name as a successor trustee.

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