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What could keep driverless cars off of the road

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2017 | Car Accidents

Florida residents may imagine a day when they can get into a car that drives itself. Companies such as Google, Apple and GM have invested time and money into driverless car technology. Intel thinks that self-driving vehicles could create an industry worth $7 trillion by 2050. They could cut down on the nearly 100 people who are killed in the United States each day on the road.

It is believed that 94 percent of car crashes are due to human error. An autonomous vehicle may be safer because it would not operate while impaired or while using a cellphone. Since autonomous vehicles can communicate with each other, it may be possible to put more cars on the road while still reducing the amount of time that people spend stuck in traffic.

While there are many benefits of using cars that operate themselves, they may not appear as quickly as some believe that they will, however. In some ways, the projections for how quickly self-driving cars will hit the roadways is similar to the hype surrounding electric cars. President Obama thought 1 million electric vehicles could be on American roads by 2016. However, that number was closer to 300,000. Technological and economic hurdles hindered electric vehicles, and they may slow progress on autonomous vehicles as well.

In the meantime, negligent drivers will continue to be the cause of car accidents. People who have been injured as a result of a driver who was distracted, impaired, speeding, or otherwise careless might want to have legal help when seeking compensation for their medical bills and other losses.


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