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Steps to take after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Car Accidents

A car accident can happen on a Florida road in the blink of an eye, and in most cases, drivers have little or no time to prepare for one. However, there are a few steps that motorists might find it advisable to take in the immediate aftermath, especially if they were not at fault for the collision.

If there are any injuries, paramedics should be called if possible. A call to the police might be in order as well. Injured people should not be moved unless it is necessary, but the vehicles involved should be driven or pushed to the side of the road to avoid further collisions and traffic jams. It is of utmost importance to get certain information from the other driver, especially one who is obviously at fault. This would include his or her name and phone number, the insurer’s name and the insurance policy number. If there were any eyewitnesses, their contact information should be obtained as well. Most people travel with their cellphones, so it should be relatively easy to take photographs of the other car’s license plate as well as of the accident scene.

Even if the other driver is forthcoming and admits fault, the motorist who did not cause the collision should contact his or her insurer. This is important for property damage claims, and it is also a show of good faith.

An auto accident caused by the negligence of another driver can result in serious injuries to occupants of other vehicles. People who have been harmed in such a collision might find it advisable to have an attorney’s help in seeking compensation from the at-fault motorist for their losses.


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