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How to make use of a Letter of Final Wishes

On Behalf of | May 30, 2017 | Estate Planning

Florida residents may have a will as part of their estate plan. However, it may be necessary to include other documents, including a Letter of Final Wishes, with a plan. This letter may be the best place to include information that has no place in or is inappropriate to put into the will itself. For instance, it may include information as to where the estate holder wants to be buried or who should be notified of that person’s passing.

It may even be possible to provide an outline of an obituary or tell loved ones which songs to play at a funeral. This letter may also be the ideal place to let family members know what to do with social media accounts or provide passwords to accounts that may need to be accessed after passing on. For those who aren’t able to have conversations with loved ones about how a will is structured prior to passing, an LFW may provide an opportunity to do so.

For instance, if one child is getting a larger share of an estate, the letter may be the place to explain why. This may smooth over any hard feelings that a child may have after a parent passes on. Overall, it may be a good idea to have as many details as possible in the letter to make it easier to settle a person’s affairs.

A thorough estate plan can help to preserve assets and express final wishes. An attorney may be able to help an individual create a will and other essential estate planning documents. Legal counsel may also review existing wills to determine if they meet a client’s needs.


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