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Involving the right people when creating estate plans

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Estate Planning

Florida residents who are creating estate plans such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney may find it difficult to name a person who should become responsible in the event they die or can suddenly no longer make decisions for themselves. In many cases, one person may be better suited for a specific role than another, even if the other person is closer to the person creating the estate plan.

For example, some estate plans will involve financial assets that will have to be protected and managed. Many individuals decide to name the person who will be responsible based on an emotional connection or relationship. However, if the person is not good with managing money, the estate could be squandered. It is recommended that the chosen person be financially organized and has a history of being able to manage finances well.

If people are attempting to determine who will care for the kids should they die, it is recommended that they chose someone who has proven that they can be a caregiver. It is recommended that this person already have kids or has experience in the healthcare system. It may even be a person who has experience taking care of an elderly family member.

The estate planning process can be difficult. An attorney may assist with determining a client’s specific needs. If people need to create a will, the attorney may help ensure that the document is accurate and valid to prevent disputes in the future. An attorney can also conduct a periodic review of existing documents to ensure that they continue to reflect a client’s financial and family circumstances.


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