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Some auto manufacturers are still using recalled airbags

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Auto Product Liability

Florida motor vehicle owners may have heard about the reports of defects in airbags manufactured by Takata. Despite being linked to multiple injuries and deaths, these airbags reportedly are still being installed in new vehicles. All automobiles containing this brand of airbag must be recalled by 2018.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is allowing automakers to continue selling vehicles equipped with this air bag because the recall hasn’t started yet. Some of the bags have experienced sudden, unanticipated deployments that have caused pieces of metal to enter the passenger compartment. This was reportedly attributed to age and exposure to heat and humidity. One Senator from Florida states that sellers of the vehicles subject to recall should be required to inform buyers of the defective parts before purchase and advise them that a recall is scheduled.

Several vehicle manufacturers, including Toyota and Chrysler, say they are installing the bags in new vehicles. According to an automotive research and valuation director, it isn’t typical for the airbags to cause a problem within a few years. This could explain why the manufacturers feel comfortable using the airbags.

When an individual has been injured due to an auto product defect, it may result in extended hospitalization and a long recuperative period. In this event, consulting with an attorney may be helpful. An attorney might assist by examining the evidence and recall information to place a claim against the manufacturer. This could help the victim recover damages to pay for medical bills and other associated expenses.


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