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Month: April 2016

Common estate planning errors

Celebrities are just as likely to make the same estate planning mistakes as people who are less famous. In April, reports surfaced in Florida media that Prince did not have a will when he died suddenly. This was also true in the death of singer Amy Winehouse. As a...

Why a DIY will might be a mistake

People in Florida who need to make an estate plan might be considering a do-it-yourself will. However, there are some drawbacks to making a will without legal assistance. No two estates are the same, and generic advice may not be appropriate for a person's...

Preventing distracted driving in Florida

April has been designated Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the National Safety Council in an effort to highlight how dangerous inattentiveness may be. These days, it is possible to make calls, update social media accounts and send emails while driving to work or...


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