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Charitable giving in an estate plan

Some Florida residents who are preparing wills or trusts as part of their estate plan may want to leave a part of their estate to charity. Philanthropic bequests have always been around, but they are increasing in popularity. Organizations are recognizing this as well as the fact that one thing donors appreciate is more engagement. In other words, once they have pledged a portion of their estate to the organization, they are treated as though the organization has already received the money. While charitable bequests can be the right decision for some people, there are a couple of pitfalls they need to watch out for.

Choosing the right executor

Florida residents who are in the process of preparing their wills may wonder how to choose the right executor. It is a position with a lot of responsibility, and some experts recommend choosing more than one to help reduce conflict. While an estate can be settled in just a few months, it can take a year or longer if there are disputes. Experts also recommend choosing a person who is organized and good with numbers over simply handing the task to the oldest child if the testator will be selecting a family member.

Most U.S. cars to have automatic braking systems by 2022

Florida residents may be aware that several auto makers have developed automatic braking systems that experts believe could drastically reduce the number of accidents on the nation's roads. NHTSA reported in September 2015 that a deal in principle had been struck with 10 car makers to introduce the technology, and the safety agency announced on March 17 that it would work with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and 20 auto manufacturers to install automatic braking systems on the vast majority of cars, pickup trucks, minivans and SUVs sold in the United States by 2022.

Careful estate planning

Florida residents usually want to do the right thing when it comes to planning their estates. They want to make sure that all that they have worked for over the years is distributed to heirs fairly. They also want to ensure that medical and end-of-life decisions are respected. In many cases, the best way to ensure that these wishes are respected is through careful planning.

Should truckers and bus drivers be tested for sleep apnea?

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than those seemingly random evenings when you are unable to sleep despite your best efforts, tossing and turning, and watching the hours tick by until your alarm clock tells you it's time to get up so that you can start a tiring workday.

Long term care, estate plans and family discussions

According to studies, people who are nearing retirement age often fail to create estate plans or make plans for their own eventual health care. With a large proportion of retirees, Florida may be one state where this is common. One survey found that only a little more than half of American parents had a living trust or will, and around 27 percent have no estate documents.

Takata may have manipulated data

An investigation shows that the Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata may have manipulated data to hide flaws in its products. Airbag ruptures in cars outfitted with these products have been linked to 10 deaths and over 100 injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had previously recalled approximately 29 million airbag inflators, many of which were in vehicles driven by Florida residents.

Florida living will basics explored

Florida is home to a considerable number of retirees who have moved to the East Coast after having worked hard for years. However, inevitably, their health starts to deteriorate over time. We all want to minimize the suffering that our elder loved ones have to endure at the end stages. We want them to retain some semblance of dignity. Here is where the concept of estate planning could play a pivotal role.

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