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Is the U.S. heading toward a lower blood alcohol limit?

While we would like to think that most people understand and appreciate the dangers of getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink, statistics show that people still aren't getting the message. Indeed, as recently as 2014, nearly 10,000 lost their lives in alcohol-related crashes.

Estate of Leona Helmsley once again at center of legal controversy

Most people associate Leona Helmsley with her time spent in prison for tax evasion, her now infamous moniker "the queen of mean," and, of course, the prolonged legal battle over her controversial estate plan, which began shortly after her passing in 2007.

Is the auto recall system in the U.S. in need of an overhaul?

Thanks to the hectic pace of everyday life -- work, school, errands, etc. -- the last thing most people want to do is sort through a stack of mail that likely contains all sorts of unwelcome correspondence from bills to advertisements.

Shedding some light on charitable remainder trusts - II

In our previous post, we began discussing how those people who find themselves in the enviable position of being able to give a considerable sum to their favorite charity may want to think twice about simply grabbing their checkbook and instead consider the advantages afforded by the creation of a charitable remainder trust. 

Is it time for Florida to change its texting while driving laws?

It used to be that you would never know what you might see when stealing a glance at the drivers with whom you're sharing the roads and highways. Perhaps you'd see someone eating their breakfast, applying makeup or even reading the newspaper. 

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