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Auto safety key focus of recently passed federal transportation bill

Given the altogether divisive climate on Capitol Hill, it's almost of unheard of for lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to reach an agreement on anything, let alone a billion dollar, multi-year infrastructure bill. Yet this is precisely what happened earlier this month, when the House of Representatives voted 359 to 65 and the Senate voted 83 to 16 to pass a 5-year, $305 billion transportation bill.

Proven experience in trust termination matters

If you learn that you have been named a beneficiary of a friend or family member's trust, chances are good you will experience a range of emotions. On the one hand, you may feel excitement and eagerness as to what you will do with your eventual windfall, while on the other hand, you may feel guilt and sadness over the prospect of someday losing a loved one.

When should I start drafting my estate plan?

One of the biggest myths about estate planning is that estate plans are only for the "old" - people who are at or nearing retirement age. If this is your understanding of an estate plan, then you're not alone. A lot of people falsely believe that they shouldn't begin their estate plan until later in life. Unfortunately, this is the wrong way to think when it comes to an estate plan.

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