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Steps to take after a car accident in Florida

The holiday season is here, which means many Florida residents will be doing a lot of traveling over the next month or so. With the added traffic on the roads unfortunately comes an increased risk for motor vehicle accidents, which is why you need to know what action to take if you happen to be involved in a wreck.

Why estate planning isn't just for married parents

Thanks to evolving societal trends, young people no longer experience quite as much pressure to settle down as soon as possible. Indeed, many enjoy the freedom and other benefits afforded by single living so much that they make the conscious decision to put a walk down the aisle very low on their list of priorities.

Does Florida need to do more to protect motorists from drowning?

The things that people like most about living here in Florida are the temperate climate, the sunny skies and, of course, the magnificent scenery. Indeed, in addition to the beachfront views and the pristine splendor of the Everglades, the state is filled with natural waterways, ponds and lakes that only add to its beauty.   

IRS announces new estate tax exemption for 2016

When it comes to estate planning, two of the more important points that we strive to get across to our readers on a regular basis are that having the necessary documents in place can help ensure that 1) your exact wishes are honored upon your demise and 2) your family members will be far less likely to engage in divisive probate litigation.

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