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Of all the benefits gained from making Florida your home, none is better than the weather. That's because while much of the nation is currently preparing for a long winter -- raking leaves, putting away patio furniture and getting out snow shovels -- we're settling in for another six months of warm temperatures and sunny skies.

Understanding more about how the probate process works - V

Today's post will continue our ongoing efforts to demystify the probate process. As always, our aim in this series of posts is to help reduce any anxiety people might experience at having to be involved in the legal process and, perhaps more significantly, debunk any misconceptions.

A closer look at the NHTSA's recall process - II

In recognition of the fact that many people are lacking an understanding of where the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration derives its power to identify auto defects and institute recalls, our blog recently began providing some background information on the agency's regulatory authority in this important area.

Study uncovers surprising shift concerning advance directives

As we've discussed in great detail on our blog, no estate plan can be considered complete until a person has executed documents -- known as advance directives -- outlining their exact wishes concerning both medical treatment and end-of-life care.  

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