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Can virtual reality help combat distracted driving?

The sad and simple truth is that despite the enactment of state laws expressly banning texting while driving, the constant news headlines detailing the deadly toll that it is taking on our roads and highways, and the widespread knowledge of the dangers it poses, people continue to engage in this reckless practice.

Understanding more about how the probate process works - III

In today's post, we'll continue with our discussion of how the probate process works here in Florida. As always, our goal is to provide some much-needed clarity to those people who suddenly find themselves facing what seems like the otherwise insurmountable task of managing the estate of their deceased loved one. 

Study examines estate planning steps taken by cancer patients

One of the single greatest benefits of executing a comprehensive estate plan is that it enables a person to set forth their exact wishes regarding both medical treatment and end-of-life care. Here in Florida, the primary mechanisms through which this can be accomplished are a living will and a health care surrogate designation.

Uncovering what went wrong and why in rollover accidents

Automakers have made real progress in recent years in minimizing the risk of deadly rollovers. Indeed, the majority of new vehicles rolling off the assembly lines, especially the large pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, are now equipped with electronic stability control and sport designs that distribute weight more evenly.

Understanding more about how the probate process works - II

In our previous post, we started discussing how once the initial grief of losing a loved one subsides, it's imperative for surviving loved ones to take steps to ensure that all legal matters are addressed, particularly the managing of the deceased person's estate.

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