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How to handle a cash inheritance

A will in Florida determines how assets should be divided after the estate owner passes on. Those who are left money in a will may need to take a variety of steps to actually receive the funds. The first step is to talk to the executor (assuming the beneficiary is not performing this role). At this time, it can be possible to ask about the process of obtaining the money in a respectful manner.

Challenging a will

It is very difficult to challenge a Florida testator's will, and the vast majority of wills go through probate court without being contested. Courts will try to stick to the terms of a will exactly unless there is proof that the will is invalid. If a will is invalidated, the court may use a previous will or intestacy laws to decide how property should be distributed.

Getting help with probate

Some Florida residents who are named as an executor under a friend's or family member's will may believe that they can tackle the probate process on their own. There are several reasons why this might be a poor idea, as there are many requirements that might be difficult to understand.

Estate of Leona Helmsley once again at center of legal controversy

Most people associate Leona Helmsley with her time spent in prison for tax evasion, her now infamous moniker "the queen of mean," and, of course, the prolonged legal battle over her controversial estate plan, which began shortly after her passing in 2007.

Understanding more about how the probate process works - V

Today's post will continue our ongoing efforts to demystify the probate process. As always, our aim in this series of posts is to help reduce any anxiety people might experience at having to be involved in the legal process and, perhaps more significantly, debunk any misconceptions.

Understanding more about how the probate process works - IV

In a series of ongoing posts, our blog has been providing some basic background information on what people can expect from the probate process in Florida. The goal in doing so is twofold: to help alleviate some of the anxiety that people might be experiencing at the thought of having to enter a courtroom and to clarify any misunderstandings.

Understanding more about how the probate process works - III

In today's post, we'll continue with our discussion of how the probate process works here in Florida. As always, our goal is to provide some much-needed clarity to those people who suddenly find themselves facing what seems like the otherwise insurmountable task of managing the estate of their deceased loved one. 

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