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Who can file a Wrongful death suit in Florida?

If you suffer injury in a Florida vehicle crash due to someone else's negligence you have a right to seek to hold that person or persons accountable for your pain, suffering, damages and financial losses. If the injuries cause your death, the possibility of seeking compensation remains for survivors. State law, however, controls who can pursue such a claim. To determine if standing exists and to effectively prosecute a claim of wrongful death, consulting an experienced attorney is essential.

Lawsuits involving fatal motor vehicle accidents with semis

Lawsuits involving fatal motor vehicle accidents with semis require specialized legal knowledge, along with the ultimate in compassion for the victim's family. A horrendous crash occurred recently near Gainesville, Florida involving five motor vehicles. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the crash left eight people injured and sadly seven others died from their injuries. Many of the victims were children on their way to Walt Disney World. Since the tragic accident, at least one wrongful death lawsuit was filed and additional lawsuits are likely to follow. 

Fatal motor vehicle accidents require vast legal experience

Most of us regularly spend part of each day driving, or riding in, a motor vehicle. We don't begin our day thinking we could be the victim of a fatal motor vehicle accident. Dwelling on that could lead us to retreat from the world.

Lawsuit suggests risks exist even when there's no car accident or collision

You don't have to be involved in a car accident or collision to be at risk of serious personal injury when you are on the road. Whether driving across Florida from east to west, or from north to south, danger exists if a defective part in your vehicle fails without warning.

Safety coalition aims to eliminate fatal crashes

Many Florida drivers fear the deadly hazards on America's roadways. However, a safety coalition of transportation industry participants, government agencies and others is working to change this. In fact, the Road to Zero Coalition aims to achieve zero roadway deaths by 2050. To meet this goal, group members are advocating for safer driving, improved technologies and other changes to lead to safer roads.

IIHS study looks at driver fatality data

Florida motorists may be able to identify some safer vehicles by looking at a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that examined driver fatality rates in different types of vehicles. The IIHS looked at data for vehicle models from 2011 to 2015 and found that the average driver fatality rate in all vehicles per million vehicle registrations was 30. At 39 fatalities per million, passenger cars had the highest death rates for drivers. Pickups, SUVs and minivans were all safer with rates of 26, 21 and 19 respectively.

Should truckers and bus drivers be tested for sleep apnea?

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than those seemingly random evenings when you are unable to sleep despite your best efforts, tossing and turning, and watching the hours tick by until your alarm clock tells you it's time to get up so that you can start a tiring workday.

Is the U.S. heading toward a lower blood alcohol limit?

While we would like to think that most people understand and appreciate the dangers of getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink, statistics show that people still aren't getting the message. Indeed, as recently as 2014, nearly 10,000 lost their lives in alcohol-related crashes.

Does Florida need to do more to protect motorists from drowning?

The things that people like most about living here in Florida are the temperate climate, the sunny skies and, of course, the magnificent scenery. Indeed, in addition to the beachfront views and the pristine splendor of the Everglades, the state is filled with natural waterways, ponds and lakes that only add to its beauty.   

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