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Is a family member always the best personal representative?

Choosing a personal representative to handle the administration of your estate is an extremely important decision. Most individuals view being chosen as a personal representative as an honor, while others may not want to undertake such an obligation and duty.

What happens to my student loans after I die?

Going to college has rapidly become more expensive. Along with the higher price tag, students take on substantially more debt to finance their education. While the low payments on student loans are somewhat manageable as you climb the ladder of success, it also takes a long time for those large balances to work down to zero.

Dying with outstanding debt

It is becoming more common not only to continuously acquire debt over a lifetime, but to be in the position where you know your debt will outlive you. While many have envisioned leaving significant assets for loved ones, more people now have debts they may not be able to pay off completely.

Estate Administration begins with appointing the right personal representative

Estate administration begins with appointing the right personal representative. Remember this when you consider your Last Will and Testament. Along with creating a valid estate plan, naming a trusted personal representative is critical to ensuring your wishes are followed when you pass away because you will not be around to speak for yourself. 

Estate administration can have tax implications even with reforms

Estate administration and tax implications from recent tax reforms are extremely important matters. Now that the end-of-year holidays are behind us tax season is in full swing. As you may know, 2018 is the first year in which the full effects of recent tax reforms apply. This has some experts predicting that issues related to tax returns and tax refunds will be complicated this year.

What's ancillary probate and do I need to care?

Florida is a very popular place, attracting visitors from all over the U.S. and the world. Many of those visitors purchase real estate in one form or another, allowing them to take advantage of the temperate climate in Florida when the weather at home is too harsh to tolerate.

How to choose the right executor for an estate

An important step for a person in Florida who is creating an estate plan is to appoint the right executor. Some people may think of an executor largely as a ceremonial position, analogous to appointing a child's godparents. However, an executor is actually a position that comes with a significant amount of responsibility and requires that someone possess certain skills to be effective.

Some duties of an executor

Florida residents who have been named as executor under a will may wonder what their duties are when the testator dies. As fiduciaries for the beneficiaries and the testator's estate, they must locate, value and secure all assets. This process will vary. Some assets may be accessed on producing a death certificate and a formal authorization from the court. A claim might be required to get insurance assets.

The responsibilities of an estate executor

A Florida resident who has been named as the executor of someone's last will and testament has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. The executor must ensure that the testator's creditors are all paid off and the remaining property in the estate is correctly distributed to the beneficiaries. While they are not required to have any legal or financial training before beginning their job, they are legally required to execute the estate properly.

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