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Seat belts can lower the risk for serious liver injuries

While auto accidents lead to at least 2 million visits to U.S. emergency rooms every year, many drivers in Florida may think that seat belts are unnecessary. However, a study released by NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn gives one more good reason why seat belts are essential for safety.

Human learning could make autonomous vehicles less safe

Florida drivers may wait longer than predicted for autonomous vehicles to become common the roads if the analysis of one computer professor turns out to be correct. According to the professor, the major error of those researching and building autonomous vehicles is that the vehicles are learning human driving behavior. The professor says this inherently makes the vehicles less safe.

How daylight saving time affects driving

Daylight saving time means that Florida residents lose one hour of sleep, and this, in turn, could mean increased drowsiness, especially among drivers. A traffic safety study from AAA has shown that nearly 10 percent of all car accidents in the U.S. are caused by drowsy driving. A new study from the same organization suggests a link between this deadly form of negligence and the advent of daylight saving time.

Defining soft tissue injuries

Injuries to muscles, tendons or ligaments are generally referred to as soft tissue injuries. They tend to result from car accidents as people inside of a vehicle may be violently jolted upon impact. This may result in Florida residents and others suffering from strains, sprains or complete muscle or ligament tears. In some cases, a person may experience general soreness for a period of time after a crash.

How to avoid driving while distracted

Florida residents may be guilty of distracted driving whenever they take their eyes off of the road. For instance, a driver may be distracted by changing a radio station or by turning the heat down. Distracted driving has been cited as a reason why car accident fatality numbers have been trending higher. However, thee are things that people may be able to do to overcome distractions.

New cars may already be safer

Florida drivers and others may be eagerly awaiting the arrival of self-driving cars. However, current automobiles have features that help to make them safer than ever. For instance, some cars come standard with blind spot detection or collision avoidance technology on some or all models. Other automakers allow buyers to add these features to the vehicle before delivery. They can all play a role in cutting down the nearly 35,000 traffic deaths each year.

Study finds speeding is behind rise in traffic deaths

Speed is behind a spike in traffic deaths in Florida and across the U.S., according to a study by the National Transportation Safety Board. Previous theories had pointed the finger at everything from Americans driving more miles to smartphones to the improving economy.

Insurance policies could impose time limit for reporting accident

Florida law and most insurance policies set time limits for filing claims after car accidents. A civil statute of limitations will establish the time period in which someone can file a lawsuit to pursue damages. As for insurance benefits, the terms of the policy likely specify the time period for filing claims.

Car accident lawsuits that involve ride-sharing companies

Florida residents are likely aware that ride-sharing services provided by companies like Lyft and Uber have become extremely popular in recent years. Many people, however, may not realize that the way these businesses are structured shields them from litigation when their drivers act negligently and cause other road users injury, loss or damage. This is the case because Lyft and Uber drivers are considered to be independent contractors rather than employees, which places a legal barrier before accident victims that can be difficult to overcome.

Many different causes lead to motor vehicle accidents

Every year, there are approximately 6 million car accidents on roadways in Florida and across the United States. In 2015, the number of fatalities due to car crashes increased by 8 percent, the largest increase in 50 years. In 2016, the number of fatalities increased again; more than 40,000 people died in crashes on American roadways that year. Thanks to an increased focus on the factors that lead to motor vehicle accidents, it is possible to discuss the most common types.

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