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A steering issue causes a recall of GM trucks

Two of General Motors' popular light trucks are being subject to a recall to correct a potentially serious steering problem. Tampa owners of the 2014 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado and elsewhere are urged to take their vehicles to the nearest GM dealer to have the problem corrected as soon as possible. The repairs will be performed free of charge to the customer.

Kia and Hyundai to recall 1.3 million vehicles for engine issues

Florida residents who own a vehicle made by Hyundai or Kia should be aware that the companies are preparing to issue a recall that is expected to affect more than a million vehicles that were sold in the United States and South Korea. The automakers made the announcement on April 7 after the vehicles were reported to have engine issues.

Recalls by Ford

A defective vehicle part can be a contributing factor in a car accident and any resulting injuries. Florida drivers should be aware that Ford Motor Co. has stated that it will issue recalls for approximately 441,000 vehicles to repair defects. The recalls will be for certain models of the Fusion sedans and the Escape sport-utility vehicles.

Audi announces the recall of 576,921 vehicles

Florida residents who drive an Audi A5 coupe or convertible or Q5 SUV may soon receive recall notifications in the mail. The German car maker has announced that 576,921 vehicles are being recalled due to overheating engines and leaky sunroofs. The recalls, which are expected to begin on Feb. 20, were prompted by reports made to the NHTSA about smoldering engines and airbags that deployed unexpectedly.

Toyota recall raises further questions about airbags

Thousands of Florida residents have taken their cars, trucks or SUVs to authorized repair facilities in recent months to have potentially dangerous airbags manufactured by the Japanese auto parts supplier Takata replaced. The Takata airbag recall is the largest auto recall in U.S. history, but a June 29 announcement by Toyota that 1.4 million vehicles were being recalled due to an unrelated airbag safety issue has led consumer advocates to fear that these problems may even more widespread than initially thought.

Sophisticated auto technology linked to surge in recalls

Florida residents may be surprised to learn that some of the vehicles currently offered for sale in American showrooms contain far more computer code than the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. While sophisticated collision prevention systems and autonomous vehicle technology have been hailed by companies like Google and Tesla as the way forward towards an accident free self-driving future, research conducted by the financial services and advisory firm Stout Risius Ross has found that such systems are also largely responsible for a recent surge in vehicle recalls.

Some auto manufacturers are still using recalled airbags

Florida motor vehicle owners may have heard about the reports of defects in airbags manufactured by Takata. Despite being linked to multiple injuries and deaths, these airbags reportedly are still being installed in new vehicles. All automobiles containing this brand of airbag must be recalled by 2018.

Takata air bag inflator recall may widen

On April 13, the U.S. government announced that if Takata cannot prove that the 85 million air bag inflators it manufactured that remain in vehicles are safe, they will all need to be recalled. More than 28 million have already been recalled. Some areas, including Florida, are targeted in particular for recall because high humidity is one of the causes of the deterioration of the ammonium nitrate used in the air bags.

Takata may have manipulated data

An investigation shows that the Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata may have manipulated data to hide flaws in its products. Airbag ruptures in cars outfitted with these products have been linked to 10 deaths and over 100 injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had previously recalled approximately 29 million airbag inflators, many of which were in vehicles driven by Florida residents.

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