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Month: December 2019

The yellow light dilemma

It can happen at the most unsuspecting intersections. You are driving towards an intersection and the light suddenly changes from green to yellow. You must quickly decide between making an abrupt stop or trying to get through the intersection before the light changes...

When is someone too old to drive?

Watching a parent age can be a very difficult thing for adult children. When mom and dad aren't quite as alert or agile as they once were, loved ones may start to wonder if it is still safe for them to drive.As we all know, driving gives people a sense of freedom and...

Dying with outstanding debt

It is becoming more common not only to continuously acquire debt over a lifetime, but to be in the position where you know your debt will outlive you. While many have envisioned leaving significant assets for loved ones, more people now have debts they may not be able...


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