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Estate planning steps to take after a divorce

While a divorce may be an emotional event for a Florida resident, it is important to think about the estate planning ramifications. For instance, it could be necessary to remove a former spouse from any power of attorney duties. It is also a good idea to take a look at an existing will and trust.

4th of July weekend the worst for personal injuries

AAA predicts that a record number of Americans will be hitting the roads for the Fourth of July weekend. More specifically, 37.5 million people will be driving 50 miles or more from their homes between June 30 and July 4. Florida residents should remember, however, that with the festivities come certain health and safety hazards.

The value of appraising collectible items

If an individual in Florida or anywhere else owns art or other collectibles, he or she can leave them to family members or charities. However, estate and tax laws may be different for such items compared to other property, like a home or investment account. According to the IRS, a collectible can be anything from a rare alcoholic beverage to an art collection. Other items may also be labeled as collectibles at the tax agency's discretion.

What should you do after a car accident?

People in Florida who are in a car accident should stop, gather information and avoid discussing the accident with the other person involved. After stopping, the first act should be to check for any injuries or damages. The drivers should then exchange names, contact information and insurance information. A person should also note the license number, vehicle identification number, model and make of the other vehicle.

Why the media isn't to blame for accident coverage

Florida residents may have heard about recent serious and fatal crashes involving self-driving cars. For some people, these reports could have caused some doubt as to whether they would ever want to ride in one. However, other individuals believe that crashes caused by semiautonomous vehicles are covered more closely than those caused by vehicles driven by humans are. According to Elon Musk, there was one accident for every 320 million miles driven by a Tesla.

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