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Errors to avoid in an estate plan

While a Florida resident may have an estate plan, that plan may not necessarily be effective. For example, the estate plan could be missing some components. In addition to a will, an estate holder should consider financial and health care powers of attorney that appoint someone to manage finances and health in case of incapacitation.

How daylight saving time affects driving

Daylight saving time means that Florida residents lose one hour of sleep, and this, in turn, could mean increased drowsiness, especially among drivers. A traffic safety study from AAA has shown that nearly 10 percent of all car accidents in the U.S. are caused by drowsy driving. A new study from the same organization suggests a link between this deadly form of negligence and the advent of daylight saving time.

Organization is key in life and death

Florida residents and others may make it easier to settle an estate by being organized. This is true of both the physical estate and the legal or financial documents that are part of it. Instead of letting items accumulate over time, it may be a good idea to have a regular cleaning session. This may prevent children or other family members from having to inventory possessions while also trying to grieve.

How trusts benefit children of all ages

There is no magic age at which an individual in Florida or elsewhere becomes competent enough to handle money or other assets. Therefore, there may be no harm in leaving assets to an adult child in a trust as opposed to transferring them directly to that older son or daughter. By leaving assets in a trust, it can protect them from creditors or from being included in a divorce settlement.

What to do about beneficiaries with credit issues

Florida residents who are preparing estate plans should be aware of any potential creditor issues with beneficiaries. The reason for this is that a creditor may be able to seize a debtor's inheritance. This was a dilemma that recently occurred when a mother left her home to three sons, one of whom had a child support judgment.

Defining soft tissue injuries

Injuries to muscles, tendons or ligaments are generally referred to as soft tissue injuries. They tend to result from car accidents as people inside of a vehicle may be violently jolted upon impact. This may result in Florida residents and others suffering from strains, sprains or complete muscle or ligament tears. In some cases, a person may experience general soreness for a period of time after a crash.

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