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How legacy planning can shape an estate plan

Some people in Florida might have encountered the term "legacy planning." Although it may sound daunting, it is just another way of thinking about estate planning. Looking at estate planning as leaving a legacy can help a person conceptualize the process as leaving behind something that continues the person's work in the world.

End of daylight savings may mean more wildlife collisions

Drivers in Florida and across the U.S. should be aware that the end of daylight savings time brings with it a greater chance of wildlife-related accidents. Shorter daylight hours mean more encounters with wildlife, for whom the period between dusk and dawn is the most active. This change also coincides with the autumn, the peak mating season for deer and a time when bears are out looking for food before hibernation.

How divorce may change an estate plan

Florida residents who are getting a divorce might want to ensure that they make any necessary changes to their estate plans. One couple had come to an agreement about keeping their individual retirement plans and splitting the excess. However, because they did not complete the paperwork, when the man died on his honeymoon with his second wife, new orders had to be prepared.

Self-driving vehicles pose obstacles for NHTSA

Drivers in Florida will have to wait a bit longer before they can see self-driving vehicles on the road as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that it has run into roadblocks in developing safety guidelines for them. In a notice that the agency intends to make public by the end of November, it requests input on the type of research it should conduct before moving forward. Such research may take years to complete.

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