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About charitable trusts

Florida residents who are interested in leaving some or all of their assets to their favorite charity may want to consider using a charitable trust. Rather than naming a specific beneficiary, a charitable trust's purpose may include contributing to the advancement of religion or education, alleviating poverty, the promotion of governmental, municipal or health issues or any other purposes that can be beneficial to a community.

How to create a comprehensive estate plan

While Florida residents and others who have a will should be commended for taking that step, an estate plan is more than just that one component. Ideally, it should be considered a comprehensive strategy to protect assets in retirement and beyond. For example, a possible component of an estate plan is to pay for a funeral well before it happens. This may include buying a coffin and a tombstone.

Kia and Hyundai to recall 1.3 million vehicles for engine issues

Florida residents who own a vehicle made by Hyundai or Kia should be aware that the companies are preparing to issue a recall that is expected to affect more than a million vehicles that were sold in the United States and South Korea. The automakers made the announcement on April 7 after the vehicles were reported to have engine issues.

Involving the right people when creating estate plans

Florida residents who are creating estate plans such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney may find it difficult to name a person who should become responsible in the event they die or can suddenly no longer make decisions for themselves. In many cases, one person may be better suited for a specific role than another, even if the other person is closer to the person creating the estate plan.

Distracted drivers injure more people than drunk drivers

The statistics about distracted driving reveal the extent of the danger for travelers on Florida roads. Information collected by AT&T about the problem showed that a shocking 70 percent of people surveyed admitted to using their smartphones while driving. With such a high percentage of people taking their eyes off the road, distracted driving has exceeded the menace of drunk driving. Annually, distracted drivers injure between 400,000 and 600,000 people whereas drunk drivers inflict injuries on about 290,000 people.

Recalls by Ford

A defective vehicle part can be a contributing factor in a car accident and any resulting injuries. Florida drivers should be aware that Ford Motor Co. has stated that it will issue recalls for approximately 441,000 vehicles to repair defects. The recalls will be for certain models of the Fusion sedans and the Escape sport-utility vehicles.

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